Thursday, May 26, 2016

Then and Now: Dorchester....?

Here's a vintage shot from 1970. The odd thing is that Dad records this picture as being along Dorchester Avenue. However, the next corner is Rue Cheneville, followed by Rue Jeanne Mance, but Dorchester Avenue runs nowhere near Cheneville and Jeanne Mance. It's a puzzler. 1970 looking west on Dorchester Montreal copy
The answer is that the name of this middle part of Dorchester Avenue, which my dad photographed in 1970, was changed in 1987 to Boulevard René Lévesque. The ends of the street maintain the Dorchester name; one end is now Boulevard Dorchester, the other end is Rue Dorchester. Here's the street today. It also appears that Rue Cheneville has been shortened and no longer intersects Boulevard René Lévesque.

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