Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fire and Ice on Draper

Putting out fires in the winter can't be any fun. I'm not entirely sure what is on fire here; the smoke seems to be coming from in front of the house. Has a car gone up? Or have the firemen pulled a mattress or a piece of burning furniture into the front yard? What isn't a mystery is where this shot is taken. A hunch and a little Google Map sleuthing leads me to believe that we are in the 4500-block of Draper looking towards Terrebonne. My family lived on Draper in the 50s and I'm pretty sure that the big building in the background is Willingdon School. My sisters both spent their elementary school careers at Willingdon. I started at Willingdon and ended somewhere else, but that is, of course, another story. IMG_0025

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