Thursday, October 12, 2017

Expo 67 - La Ronde 5

I might be cheating a bit here. These undated photos are the only colour photos of me that Dad took on the Expo grounds -- the La Ronde amusement park area, to be precise -- but I'm wondering if they really were taken during 1967. The grounds and pavilions at Expo 67 continued for a number of years after 1967 as an exhibition entitled Man and His World. I seem to be a year or two older than in the other Expo pictures I've found, so I suspect that these are technically not Expo 67 pictures, but perhaps taken in 1968 or 1969. Of course, the clincher is the hats -- the Montréal Expos didn't start playing until 1969. The franchise was not even awarded until 1968, so this picture must be from 1969, maybe even 1970. Interestingly, these were the only Expo (or Man and His World) pictures on the roll of film. My Dad took his camera, with colour(!) film in it on this particular trip, all the way to the Expo site and only took these two shots. 1967 John Rene Expo 1967 John Rene Expo 2

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